Last Updated: 01 January, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions, and discover how we can help you!

Will you be able to stop creditors chasing me for payments?

Yes – we will notify your creditors that we are helping you and request that they contact us directly.

Can you help me save my house and other assets?

Everything is dependent upon the individuals situation. However, we have been able to save many homes and other assets from repossession.  If you’re concerned that this may happen to you, it is important to contact us right away to help you as soon as we can.

Do you negotiate with my creditors?

Yes. We will aim to decrease your payments, reduce your interest rate or arrange a payment plan. We may also offer debt settlement – which is an offer to your creditors to pay the debt out at a lower amount than what is due.  Once we have a firm understanding of your situation we can advise the best course of action moving forward.

What is debt consolidation?

A Debt Consolidation means you have only one payment – by combining a number of debts into one single personal loan, making it far more simple, transparent and manageable for you.

What is a Debt Agreement?

A Debt Agreement is a method of arriving at an affordable interest free arrangement with your unsecured creditors.

What are the benefits of a Debt Agreement?

In simple terms, you are allowed to make affordable payments over a period of time, while retaining your assets.

What's the best way to make sure my Debt Agreement is accepted?

The best way to ensure that a Debt Agreement will be accepted is by putting your best offer forward.  Our experts will take the time to understand your situation and advise of the best course of action which is within your means of repayment.

How long does the Debt Agreement process take?

Each case varies, but it may take up to 90 days in some cases.

How are payments made under a Debt Agreement?

Your bank account will be debited every week, fortnight or month in conjunction with your income.